Most people know that if they are locked out of their car or need the keys to their home rekeyed, they can call on a locksmith. However, if you own a commercial business, a commercial locksmith offers services of which you may not be aware. Learning about these services will help you to better understand what a commercial locksmith does and how the different services they offer may be beneficial to your business.

Key Card Locks

Key card locks are one of the most common types of locks used by commercial businesses and those with office space. Key card locks offer the business a range of conveniences. The most common convenience is the employer is able to assign the electronic key cards to their employees, which in turn,  gives them access to certain areas of the business at certain times, as decided by you, the employer. Most people do not realize that the electronic keycards have a number on them; this number helps identify who the card belongs to. This can be beneficial in various circumstances to the employer. If something were to happen over the weekend and the employer wants to know who was at work, they can check the system and begin asking them about a situation. It may also be able to show when an employee is coming or going.

Cabinet Lock Opening and Rekeying

In the workplace, employees often use their cabinets to lock up and secure personal items, as well as confidential information. If an employee loses their key, forgets it or if an employee suddenly quits and retains possession of the key, this  could be troublesome for a manager or business owner. Luckily, a commercial locksmith can come out and either change the lock completely or have the lock re-keyed. Rekeying a lock is generally cheaper than replacing one, but you need to determine if rekeying or changing the lock is best for your business.

Computer and Laptop Security Cables

In the workforce, itis crucial to safeguard your  equipment. Laptop and desktop computers are among the most common items that are stolen from businesses. It costs money to replace these items, but can also expose your customers to having their information stolen if one of your computers is stolen. Ensure that the laptop and desktop computers that you have are secured with security cables. A commercial locksmith can install the locks, and if needed, change the locks down the road as employees leave and take keys with them. 

Emergency Lockout Services

Commercial locksmith companies offer business owners the ability to contact them 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in most cases, if they need assistance getting into their business. You, as a business owner, have a lot going on at any given time, and the last thing you want is to slow the production or work of your business or the employees. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to gain access to your business in a timely manner, then your best option is to contact a locksmith company to allow you to gain access to the premises. While this may be costly to do on a weekend or holiday or after normal business hours, it is a lot cheaper than shutting your business down for a day, or even part of the day, as you would be losing money.

A commercial locksmith offers different service than a traditional locksmith. Some of these services include key car locks, cabinet lock opening and rekeying, installing and keying laptop and computer security cables and offering emergency lockout services. Learning about these different services will help you learn how a commercial locksmith can help you with different options for your business.

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