It's always important to prepare your business for the worst. This includes both the financial status and safety of your business. There are multiple situations where having door barricades set up can help protect the employees and customers inside. Whether it's a lock down, attempted robbery, or an active shooter, preparing for all types of emergencies can help add extra security and protection. The following four types of door barricades can be set up by commercial locksmiths on all types of doors. Choosing the type of barricade you want to install all depends on the type of door and level of protection that you are seeking.

Floor Lock Bolts

A majority of door locks operate on the side. This can leave the upper and lower areas of the door vulnerable to break-ins and easy access. Add extra protection to the bottom of your doors with floor lock bolts. A steel bracket is installed to the bottom of the door on your business. This bracket protects the bolts from snapping off and adds extra durability.

The area underneath the door will also have a bracket installed with hole positions for the lock bolt. The floor installation will lay flat against the ground so it doesn't cause problems when the doorway is being used for normal use. If the door needs to be barricaded, it can simply shut and the bolts will get pushed down into the ground bracket. The same type of process can be used on the top of the door for double protection.

Bar Lock Barricades

Protect the integrity of your door with a bar lock barricade. This type of barricade features a thick piece of steel that runs across the center of the door. Instead of taking the time to lock multiple locks, you simply have to push the bar down across and it will snap into place. Even if the handle can turn, it is nearly impossible to break through the strong barricade. This is a speedy lock that is ideal for sudden emergencies.

Older versions of bar locks were commonly referred to as police locks. Modern locksmith technology has improved these locks for use in emergency situations. The bars are stronger and can lock more quickly.

Door Closer Covers

Many businesses rely on a door closer so that doors automatically shut and do it quietly. The door closer mechanism is often installed at the top of the door. Add extra protection to this area by having a door closer cover nearby. These covers slip onto the triangle-shaped hinge. It prevents the hinge from opening and will help keep the door barricaded shut. These simple barricades are typically made of a thick plastic or metal. It's easy to store them near a door and add extra security.

A commercial locksmith can provide covers that fit your specific door closer. These types of barricades are ideal for local area lockdowns, but they may not offer the full protection like other forms of barricades.

Reinforced Door Frame Barricades

The doors on your business should be inspected for their structure, strength, and ability to withstand force. Even if you have the strongest door, a weak frame can make it vulnerable. The best solution for this is by having a locksmith install reinforced door barricades. The edges of the door will feature steel strips that can protect locks and deadbolts when the door is locked. Not only can this help prevent the door from being broken down, but it will help prevent lock picking and jamming.

As a locksmith installs a reinforced door frame, they will also check the integrity of the wood and materials behind the door. Extra items may be added to help install the reinforcement and ensure that you have the strongest barricade possible.

Calling for a full business inspection is the first step to setting your business up for all types of emergency situations. A locksmith can survey your doors and recommend the best barricade options. Companies like Irvine Lock & Key may be able to assist you with your needs.