The locks on your car can be critical for ensuring that the vehicle is safe from theft and other forms of crime. When this part of a vehicle experience problems, you may find yourself unable to enter it or lock it. To make sure that you are equipped to handle these situations, you will want to have a relatively thorough understanding about your car's locks.

What Can Cause The Lock To Become More Difficult To Use?

As your car ages, you will likely find that the performance of the locks will degrade. This can be due to a number of reasons, but it will often manifest as the locks being difficult to turn, the key not catching or the lock becoming completely unresponsive. These issues arise due to the fact that there are a number of delicate components on the interior of the lock, and if these components become warped or worn, they will not function correctly.

You will find that you can extend the life of your car's locks by taking the time to maintain them. To maintain vehicle locks, you should thoroughly clean them each time that you wash your car. Dust and dirt can gather around the entrance of the lock, and if these substances get on the interior, they can inhibit the ability of the lock's internal components to turn. As time passes, the lubricant for the lock can degrade, which could both make the lock more difficult to turn while also increasing wear to it. Applying more lubricant a few times a year can help to avoid this source of damage.

How Should You Respond If Your Key Breaks In The Lock?

There may come a day when your car key breaks as you use it to turn the lock. When this problem occurs, it can be easy to panic as you may be unsure of how to remove the broken key from the lock. Some people will attempt to pry it out using a screwdriver. However, severely damage the internal components of the lock as well as pose a risk of forcing the broken key deeper into the lock. Ideally, you should wait until a professional locksmith arrives as they have special tools that be used to safely remove the broken key. However, if you are in a situation where you simply can not wait for these professionals to arrive, a powerful magnet may be able to pull the key out far enough for you to grab it with your fingers or a pair of pliers.