Whether your kid has graduated high school or just got their driver's license, giving them a car is one of those shining parenting moments that make you feel proud. However, used cars do come with a few quirks that should be worked out before your kid is saddled with the responsibilities that come with vehicle ownership. Now that you've already done the hard work by picking out the perfect car, take these final steps to make sure it will give your child many miles of happiness.

Get a Set Of Replacement Keys

Over time, most owners lose their spare set of car keys. For this reason, you should expect to plan for car key replacement through a place like Johnny Locksmith any time you buy an older vehicle. Since many teenagers tend to also lose their spare, it is still a good idea to get an extra set even if your car came with two. If you decide to keep an extra set, let your kid know so that they can come to you if they lose the originals.

Double Check the Safety Features

When you bought the car, you likely had it inspected. However, it is common for some things to be missed such as the automatic locking mechanism. Spend a few minutes fiddling with all of the car's controls to check things such as whether or not the child locks keep the windows in the back from rolling down. Then, make sure the automatic locks work using the key fob since a kid rushing off to work or college is likely to skip locking up if they have to do it manually. If it doesn't work, key fob programming is a quick fix when it is done by a professional.

Give It A Good Detailing

Even a used car is an exciting gift for a young adult who is craving the freedom and convenience that comes with owning a set of wheels, but you can increase the joy by having it professionally cleaned. In addition to the traditional wash and wax, arrange to have stains and smudges removed from the interior so that your kid truly feels like they are living in the lap of luxury.

Celebrating your child's achievements is one of the crowning moments of parenthood, and showing them that you know they are responsible to own a car is a great way to let them know you are proud. By spending a few extra minutes making sure everything is perfect and safe, you can hand over the keys knowing that your kid will take care of your investment.