If you have left the house and locked the door behind you only to find that the keys are still inside, then you may be in quite the predicament. If you hide a spare key then you are in luck, but not everyone does these days due to fears of criminals finding them and using them to access the house. If you happen to have your phone and can call someone else who has the key, then try this first. However, if these things don't apply, then move on to trying to get in your home using the following tips.

Check the other doors

The absolutely easiest way to get back in the house is to find an unlocked door. When you are locked out you don't want to just assume the doors are all locked up, really give it a try, you may be surprised. If you have a large doggy door in one of the doors then you may even be able to crawl into the house through the doggy door. You better make sure you know you can fit through it so you don't end up getting stuck and dealing with a whole other issue.

Check all the windows

Make your way around the house looking for any windows that may have been left unlocked. If none of the windows are unlocked, but you have older ones, you can try to shimmy them open if the lock isn't a secure one at all. Once you have the window open then all you have to do to get in the house is to carefully climb inside. Make sure you consider what is on the other side of the window and work around breakables carefully so you don't end up getting cut on something.

Call your landlord

If you rent, then you can call your landlord out to let you in. Landlords generally make sure that they have a spare set of keys to all of the houses that they rent. This is so they can get inside if there is an emergency, but the fact that they have a spare set can also come in handy for cases such as this one.

Call out a locksmith

When all else fails you always have the option of calling a locksmith out to come get you back inside your house. There are even 24 hour locksmiths, so you can get someone out to you no matter what time of the day or night it happens to be when you lock yourself outside.

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