When you are worried about keeping those in your household safe from intruders, as well as protecting your belongings from burglars, there are many home security tips to follow to increase the likeliness of keeping your home safe. Some of what you may have heard throughout the years may be true with regards to what can scare off criminals, while you may be surprised to learn that some of what you have heard might not be true. Read here to learn the truth about how you can best protect your home and family.

Big dogs are best

Many people have been told that small dogs are just as good as big dogs when it comes to scaring off intruders because it is the barking they don't like. The truth is that most criminals will choose a time when no one is home to burglarize your home. This is generally also a time when most neighbors are also at work. While burglars may prefer there to be no dogs at all, many would still choose to break into a home with a small dog over a big dog. While they may not like the barking, they also don't like the thought of being attacked. Plus, they can always hurt a smaller dog if it comes to that.

An NRA sticker in the window isn't really a good deterrent

Many people like to display their National Rifle Association (NRA) sticker in the window as a threat to let potential criminals know the homeowner is armed and can and will defend themselves. However, how many criminals think of these stickers is they are proof that there are guns inside the house, which means the house is even more tempting for them to steal from if they're looking for expensive firearms.

The master bedroom is usually the first spot checked

You may think a burglar is going to break in and make off with the electronics you have in your living room, but you'll be safe hiding your jewelry in your dresser drawer because they probably won't make it that far in the house. However, you would more than likely be wrong. In fact, many burglars make it a point of checking the master bedroom first, knowing this tends to be one of the more profitable rooms in a house. Many criminals expect to find profitable items in the top dresser drawers, as well as nightstand drawers and the tops of the closet.

Gun safes can help

If you do have guns in your home, then you want to have them kept in a gun safe. Make sure your gun safe is not only out of sight, but that you also have the gun safe properly anchored. This way, even if an intruder should happen to locate your gun safe, they still won't be able to remove it from the home. If you also have a decorative gun safe, you want to keep your less expensive guns on display and keep the expensive ones safely tucked away in your strong-arm gun safe. For more information, get in touch with a company such as Colorado Safes.