An access control system is an excellent addition to any business. Once you set up the system, employees can use a badge, swipe card, code, or a biometric trait to enter the building.

Not only does the access control system allow you to limit who has entry to your building, but you can even use the controls to only permit certain employees to enter certain areas. Here are a few tips that can help you improve the security of your business's access control system.

1. Regularly Review Your System's Access Privileges

It's important to regularly review who has access to your building under your access system. You want to make sure that former employees and vendors or contractors who you no longer do business with have had their access revoked. 

One way to accomplish this is to perform a regular audit of your access list. When an employee leaves, deactivating their access should be a regular part of the exit process. 

In addition to exploring who has access to your property, you also need to make sure that each individual's level of access is appropriate for their position with your company. For example, if an employee has changed positions or altered their job duties, they may no longer need access to various portions of your building. Be especially vigilant when deciding who should have high-level access privileges. 

2. Explore Regular Updates to Your System

The available features for access control systems are constantly evolving. It's a smart decision to explore advances in access control system technology to see if there are any options that can benefit your business.

For example, you might decide to upgrade to a system that makes it possible to allow access to certain areas only within a specific time range. Or, you might utilize an upgrade that makes it easier to set up temporary access for vendors and contractors. 

3. Make Sure That Your Employees Understand Your Expectations for Using the Access Control System

Your employees can act as a second line of defense for preventing unauthorized access to your organization. It can be helpful to have a set of written rules that govern your company's rules for using the access control system.

One rule might state that employees should never allow other individuals to enter using their access privileges. Instead, the individual should enter using their own access. This rule should apply even if the employees believe the individual is permitted to have access to the building or area.

You might also require employees to promptly report any lost or stolen access cards. Ideally, you should combine rules for prompt reporting with the ability to remotely deactivate employee cards or badges. For more information on lock systems, contact a business like Triangle  Safe &  Lock.