When you use a key fob for your car, you might simply assume that the fob will work properly and unlock your door. However, you might eventually need to replace the key fob and have the new fob programmed to work with your new car. Programming your key is not as simple as simply having a new set of keys cut. 

Replacing Lost Keys

If you lose your keys entirely, you will also need to have a key cut if you don't have a spare key. You will likely need to go to a dealership to pay to have your spare key created. You will then need to program the key yourself if you wish to save money.

This is a complicated process that involves turning your car on and off while inserting and turning the key you're trying to program and the key that you're trying to replace. Your car might try to de-sync all remotes as you try to program one of them. In this case, you will have to program each key after the last one.

Discovering That a Fob Doesn't Work

If your key fob is simply not working, you might want to have the battery replaced. Key fob batteries can last a long time, but they will eventually discharge. Some key fobs barely work because their batteries are low. 

Programming a Blank Key

You may need to order a blank key. If you do not order a key that is intended for your make and model, the key might not work. Also, you cannot take a key from another vehicle and use it for a new one. The key must be entirely blank. If you call a locksmith, he or she will be able to use your VIN to find the right key. When ordering the key, you must also provide proof that you own the vehicle. Learn more about the process by contacting services like Roland Park Lock And Key.

Hiring a Professional

Some vehicle brands, such as those found in Europe, use key fobs that cannot be programmed. Some cars come with special security chips and encryption codes. In this case, you will only be able to have your keys programmed by a professional. 

The easiest way to replace a key is to hire a locksmith. Some locksmiths will purchase the parts necessary and will program your keys for free. Hiring a locksmith can help you overcome issues with programming your keys, such as when you only have one key.