Do you think your workplace's security is compromised and you need to change the locks? You should not ignore any evidence that leads you to believe your security has been compromised. The cost of replacing your locks is far less than the loss you risk from a burglary. A commercial locksmith can be of great service in securing your commercial premises. They can install high-security locks, reprogram keys, and rekey existing locks. When do you need a professional locksmith to work on your locks?

Front and Back Door Locks Are Compromised

Has there been a break-in attempt at your workplace? If possible, burglars prefer coming in through the front or back door and carrying away their loot the same way. Therefore, if the front door has marks of an attempted break-in, it is better to change the locks right away.

You will also need to replace your locks if you have had them picked because of being locked out. However, front and back door locks should remain uncompromised because they are the first line of defense against unauthorized entry.

You Are Locked Out

Lockouts are uncommon, but they can happen, especially when you work alone and no one else has a spare key. Engaging a commercial locksmith to beat the lock is more practical than trying to pry the door open.

Modern locks have sophisticated mechanisms that are hard to repair once they are compromised. A professional locksmith is best placed to recommend replacing or repairing broken locks.

You Lose the Keys

After losing your keys, there is little you can do except take the locks apart to access the workplace. It would be prudent to have the locks changed if you deal in high-value goods. The lost keys could land in the wrong hands, and they could make unauthorized duplicates.  

Sometimes an employee with ill intent can lie that their keys are lost and use the keys to commit a burglary. It is best to have a commercial locksmith change the locks and be sure your locks are uncompromised. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Upgrading Your Security

It is advisable to have a security review every few years. It identifies security loopholes and any weaknesses in your security setup. It also reveals whether your business is adapting to changing security situations. Your security upgrades become more valuable when you update everything, including the locks.

Are you looking for ways to upgrade security at your commercial premises? Talk to a commercial locksmith about suitable lock changes.