If you own rental homes, you need to make contact with a locksmith service provider in your area. You might not think that it's time for new locks, but that might not be the case. Just because the locks are working, doesn't mean that they're serving their purpose. This is especially true where rental property is concerned. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, talk to a locksmith in your area as soon as possible. It might be time to install new locks on your rental property. 

Your Tenants Are Concerned

If you're in the process of renting your property to new tenants and they've voiced their concerns about safety, now's a good time to change the locks. This step might be especially important if you haven't changed the locks in a while. You never know if your previous tenants made extra keys to the locks. Not only that, but if you have outdated locks, they might not be as secure as they should be. In those situations, it's a good idea to change the locks for your new tenants. 

You've Removed Squatters

If your rental property was vacant for a while and you've had to remove squatters, it's important that you change the locks as quickly as you can. It's not always easy to remove squatters from your property. Unfortunately, they can do considerable damage while you wait for their removal. One way to prevent further problems is to upgrade the locks on your home. It's also a good idea to install a security system in your rental home. The upgraded locks and the added security system will help keep squatters away. Luckily, your local locksmith service provider can take care of both those issues for you. 

You've Lost Track of Keys

If you're preparing your home for another rental and you realize that you've lost track of the keys, it's a good idea to have a locksmith change the locks. When you're renovating your rental property, it's easy to lose track of keys, especially when you make them available to service providers or property management personnel. If you find yourself with keys that are unaccounted for, safeguard your investment. Have the locks replaced in your rental home. To prevent further issues with keys, talk to your locksmith about installing an access control system. This type of system uses alpha-numeric codes rather than keys. That way, you can change the code whenever you change tenants.