Doors are more complex structures than most people give them credit for. The hinges bear the weight of the door against the door frame, and the door's latch mechanism must line up between the actual door and the strike plate. When anything is out of balance or misaligned, it can affect the way that the door operates. Here's a look at some of the most common issues that warrant door repair to restore your door's function. 

Is The Door Frame Warped Or Swollen?

Wooden door frames can warp or swell if exposed to prolonged moisture. If it's been particularly humid or rainy, you might find that your door isn't latching the way that it should because the entire door frame has swelled up and shifted. Sometimes, it's in your best interest to replace the wooden door frame with vinyl or similar material that isn't susceptible to weather fluctuations, especially if you live somewhere with moisture concerns throughout the year.

Is The Strike Plate Misaligned?

If the door was installed with a strike plate that didn't line up correctly, that subtle difference can become exaggerated with weather fluctuations. Wood expands and contracts with the changes in temperature and humidity, which can alter the placement of the strike plate, even if only slightly. When the strike plate is already not properly lined up, those subtle alterations can interfere with the way that the door latches. You'll need a repair technician to adjust the placement of the strike plate to allow for the proper function of the door.

Are The Hinges Not Structurally Sound?

Few people consider the potential risk of the door hinges becoming a problem with their door's operation, but those hinges can become loose over time. Excessive wear on the door, too much weight placed on the door handle to pull the door away from the frame, and similar hazards can cause the screws on the hinge to pull away from the door frame. In many cases, the earliest indications of this start when you open or close the door and you feel it lift. Left unaddressed, the door hinge will eventually detach from the frame. If you notice signs like this, call a repair contractor right away to fix the problem.

These are some of the most common signs that you need door repair to ensure that your doors open and close the way that they should. Proper door function is essential for security, so don't dismiss these problems.